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Customers tell us that trust is earned by demonstrating that their business is as important to us as our own. Genuine HID provides a tangible illustration of that importance and the value of standardizing on Genuine HID products. The goal of Genuine HID is simple; to extend and enhance the HID Global customer experience in product quality, delivery and service through a unique set of value-added customer and channel partner advantages.

Why Genuine HID?

With Genuine HID, customers benefit from the broadest product line of trusted, fully interoperable secure identity solutions in the market. Genuine HID solutions are designed and built in IS0 9001 certified facilities; include worldwide agency certifications; and are backed by global product warrantees. Supported by industry-leading expertise and the strongest delivery and response platform available, Genuine HID solutions reinforce the long-standing trust that when customers purchase from HID Global, they are investing with absolute confidence.

The Genuine HID Package
•Broadest product line of interoperable secure identity solutions
The Genuine HID product portfolio offers the most comprehensive selection of interoperable secure identity solutions in the industry. HID Global customers are enabled to make product, technology and service selections that best serve their current application requirements, while protecting their future investments.
•Trusted industry expertise
With a history of technology innovation, business integrity and long-standing customer confidence, HID Global has over the years become recognized as the trusted industry expert in secure identity solutions. Our expertise spans all aspects of contactless identification technology as well as a constantly expanding array of vertical market applications.
•Product lifecycle and technology migration assurance
Evolving customer requirements and technology advancements that provide enhanced security, convenience and functionality are inevitable. Throughout the lifecycle of Genuine HID products and solutions, HID Global continues to extend the scope of use with additional interoperable solutions and services, assuring customers a clear migration path that optimizes their investments.
•International network of partners and alliances
HID Global extends the value of investing in Genuine HID through a global network of best-in-class system integrators and development partners. Advantage HID Channel Partners demonstrate proven track records in customer satisfaction excellence and form an essential link in the Genuine HID value chain, while our strategic alliances with leading global technology providers ensure that Genuine HID customers will have access to solutions based on the industry’s most advanced developments.

•Worldwide ISO certified facilities
ISO 9001 certification means that Genuine HID product design, development, manufacturing, delivery and internal customer service processes meet strict industry standards for quality. In addition to HID Global’s Shingo Prize for lean manufacturing excellence, ISO 9001 certifications in eight HID Global facilities around the world validates that quality Genuine HID products are delivered on time and that management systems are improved on a continuing basis.
•Global product warranty and agency certifications
For customers with facilities in various locations around the globe, Genuine HID product warranties are supported worldwide. Additionally, Genuine HID products are backed by certifications in the region of origin as well as in all major world markets. Agency certifications include:UL, FCC, IC, CE, ROHS, REACH, and Country of Origin.

Genuine HID Technology™ Products
With Genuine HID, we are committed to helping HID customers meet their secure identity needs by delivering best-in-class products and solutions. As part of that commitment, HID Global created the “Genuine HID Technology™” products brandmark to help customers quickly identify 3rd party products that are manufactured with embedded and licensed HID technology inside.Image


About mas uk ltd

MAS are a independent distributors and wholesalers of CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Electrical Products, with expertise in sales, installation and technical support and we have been established since 1986.

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